Puddle Jumping


Photo Credit Jessia Haines via FFfAW.

Today’s tidbit is in response to FFfAW 100th Challenge, and also my first time participating in this site’s challenges.



It had rained for days and day, now the world was awash in rainbow puddles and Anthony was focused on jumping in each and every one while Herny looked on in horror.

“You shouldn’t to that, Tony.  You’re gonna fall in one and drown.”


“Who says?”

“My Nana says.  Some of them are deeper than they look.  You’ll fall in and drown.”

“Your Nana just doesn’t want you to get your boots dirty.”



Carefully Henry walked to where he had last seen Anthony.  Standing at the edge of the puddle, looking down, he could barely see his friends face as he floated downward into the puddled depths.

“Told you so.” he said, before continuing to walk home, carefully avoiding any puddles along the way.

(131 words)




If you liked my story, or even if you didn’t, click the blue froggy below to see everyone else’s flash fictions on this prompt.


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