Leaf Falls

The air was sweet, soft
cold across
her dampened leg and
she thought.

So this is where it is,
it lives
right here beside the
never always.

The water was deep, sound
tight around
her silent torso as
leaf falls.


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Poem was inspired in part by The Daily Post Prompt.
Image Credit: Pixabay


Look at Me

Turn around.

She had her back to him now, still, again, it made him angry.

Look at me.

She always ignored him, always, always.

She ignored his notes.  She ignored his flowers.  She hung upon him when he called her.

Turn around.

She played his heart like an instrument.  She strummed his emotions like she strummed her guitar.  She didn’t know him, didn’t see him.

Look. At. Me.

She heard something, maybe his desire for her resonated. She turned around, walked to the window.

See me.

She squinted into the dark, not seeing what she heard, not seeing, still not seeing.

See me.

He reached in the open window.  He touched her hand.


She sucked in a breath, eyes wide, chest heaving as her scream built.



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