House of Ash

The Following was Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – Feb. 11, 2018 Challenge prompt below:


Photo Prompt Credit © J Hardy Carroll

Mrs. Hudson looked ill when Tina arrived to babysit. She had a dark smudge of something on her hand, across one cheek.

“You don’t look well,” Tina told her.

Mrs. Hudson’s eyes ticked towards the hallway, and the door at the end of it.

“Addie’s been….ill. I gave her something. Just, leave her be unless she calls you. I don’t think she’ll need you.”

Then Mrs. Hudson was gone, and Addie had been silent the whole time.

Tina walked softly down the hall. A fire extinguisher by the girls door was strange. The smell of smoke stranger still.

“Addie? Angel, are you okay?”

The smell of burning was almost overwhelming inside the room, but there were no flames. The room was dark, the strangest thing yet. Addie was afraid of the dark, she always had a night light on.

“Addie, are you awake honey? You okay?”

Blue lights flashed from nowhere, lit the room with a teasing strobe.

There, finally, was Addie. Crumpled on the floor in the center of her room was a tiny wasted, blackened mummy crumpled in the center of a scorched circle.

Tina’s scream was drowned out as a siren whooped in the night.

(198 words)


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Primordial – FFfAW

The following was written for the 153rd Challenge at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. It was inspired by the photo prompt below:


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan for our prompt!


The abominations rose in pairs from the sea. Their scales, fins, and bulbous goggling eyes, didn’t belong on dry land, but there they were.

They wandered the beaches and streets, calling to each other in low moans and deep-sea howls. Pairs came together in writing masses shattering glass and crushing vehicles. Sidewalks became slimy with their mucous.

Coastal cities emptied as humans fled inland. The tidal lands left for the primal beings.

Tides came in and went out. Beaches cleansed themselves. Sands became pure, unmarred by anything other than the creatures themselves.

This was the way of things until one night each pair of creatures turned to the sea and marched as one back into the surf.

As quickly as they came they were gone, leaving behind only their two toed footprints and seafood smell.

It was only later that the gelatinous egg sacs were discovered where they had been deposited in every most corner, the dark life inside already quickening.

That was the first generation.

This is their world now.

(171 words)


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