When I was young I learned to read with Dick and Jane.  It didn’t take long before I went from “See Jane run.  Run Jane.  Run.” to devouring the complete works of Stephen King.

I have loved words from an early age.

In third grade our English teacher made us answer a writing prompt every morning.  From that point on not only did I love reading but I adored writing as well.

I declared I was going to be a writer when I grew up.

I began to fill up 5 subject notebooks with short fiction, bad poetry, and novels in progress.

When I was in High School and still sure I was going to write for a living my dad bought me a second-hand typewriter.  He told me he supported my dream, but also told me I’d never make a living writing

Turns out he was right.

After many rejection letters from literary magazines, I turned to the internet.  Since around 1999 I’ve been giving away my fiction for free on various blogs and writing platforms.

With encouragement from my friends online I’m slowly submitting fiction to online magazines for consideration.

I’m also playing around with the idea of self-publishing a short story collection.